Owl Sketches

One of our favourite days during Autumn Term was Owl Day, when we watched different owls fly around the school hall, and some very lucky children were even able to hold an owl using a special glove. After lunch we were able to go back into the hall and have a go at creating observational sketches of the owls. Here are our results – they might even make you say “twit, twoooh!”

Ooh! All About Owls


For homework we were asked to research owls, and we could either write in sentences or even a poem if we wanted! Here are our awesome owl facts:

Owls are nocturnal
Large eyes and face.

Owls have no teeth.
Owls hunt in the dark.
Owls eyes cannot move.

Owls are wise
With big eyes
Let’s fly up to the sky

Owls turn their heads 270 degrees
Wingspan is 3.5 feet
Love to eat mice and rabbits

Jack Ch 
Owls have feathers
With big eyes
Like the dark

Owls are found everywhere except Antarctica
When owls have babies they are called owlets
Late at night owls are very active

There are 200 different owls.
A group of owls is called a parliament.
Owls have powerful claws which help them catch and kill prey.

Owls are birds of prey
Western screech owls are a type of owl
Large eyes and a flat face

Owls fly at night
White owls are snowy owls
Little owls live in a nest

Owlets are baby owls
Wednesday owl

Largest owl is the great grey

Owls hunt at night
Wizz and Harry Potter has an owl
Little owls eat lots of mice to fgrow big and strong

On the tree sits a beautiful owl
When it’s night the owl can see
Little owls cannot fly

204 types of owl
Owls have 2 toes pointing one way and 2 toes the other.

Owls are nocturnal
Wise and have good hearing and
Live almost everywhere

A Wise Old Owl Nursery Rhyme
A wise old owl lived in an oak
The more he saw the less he spoke
The less he spoke the more he heard
Why can’t we all be like that wise old bird?

Owls cannot move their eyes so they move their head
We can see owls at night
Like to eat mice, squirrels and rabbits.

Owls are nocturnal
White owls are called snowy owls
Little baby owls are called owlets

Owls have feathers
Long beak

Many owls sitting in a tree
Living together, noble and free.

Ruby W
Owls are nocturnal
When it’s dinner time they eat mice and rats
Little baby owls are called owlets or fledglings.

Owls are birds of prey
When it is sunlight they come out.
Like to hunt.

Owls turn their heads and use their claws
To eat up mice even their paws.