The Sounds of School

Inspired by the poem The Sound Collector by Roger McGough, Class 1 explored school and made a note of all of the different sounds they could hear. We put them together to create this class poem:

The Sounds of Our School
The talking of the teachers
The shushing of the photocopier
The pitter patter of the rain
The chitter chatter of children
The stamping of feet
The achoo! of Miss Jarvis
The dinging of the knives and forks
The clicking of the mouse
The creaking of a door
The buzzing of the printer
The cockadoodledoo of the chickens
The clapping of hands
The humming of the hand dryer
The sounds of our school

The Paperbag Prince by Colin Thompson

Our first literacy unit for Spring Term is a beautifully written and illustrated story called The Paperbag Prince.


Each page has a very detailed border, filled with tiny pictures of something linking to the story – like all different types of houses and shops. So far we have talked about the different houses and written a description to accompany them, plus we created character profiles of the Paperbag Prince himself, sharing ideas of what his name could be, where he might live and what we think he used to do for a job.