The Snail and the Whale

For the past two weeks Class one have been reading the ‘Snail and the Whale’ and using this text to support their Literacy skills. We have been predicting what our story was about, using adjectives to describe the Snail and the Whale, re-telling the story through the use of puppets and finally writing about what our favourite part was. The whole class has enjoyed completing their Snail diaries. Well done Class one.

New Arrivals

Year 1 and 2 have welcomed 2 new arrivals into the classroom. Cocoa and Cookie are sister guinea pigs that the class will be sharing. Year 1 have been very excited and have all been keen to get a glimpse of them both, as they sneak out for cucumber and carrot (pictures to follow).

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch

This week in Literacy, Class One have started to look at a new story ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’. We have been working really hard on writing sentences using capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. On Tuesday all of the class wrote a sentence using adjectives to describe the Lighthouse Keeper and we had some amazing descriptions, talking about his beautiful orange jumper and his big furry orange cat.