World Book Day – Our Favourite Stories!

Next week we will be celebrating World Book Day, and ready for this, for homework I would like you to leave a comment in reply to this blog post to tell us all about your favourite story. It might be a picture book, a story that you used to listen to when you were a baby or even a book we have shared in school. Remember to tell us which story you like and explain why you have chosen it.

17 thoughts on “World Book Day – Our Favourite Stories!

  1. faraway farm
    this book is about living on a farm. It tells you about what farmer flat does on his farm and you have to try and find different animals on the pages. I like this book as on the last page you have to see who is still awake to say goodnight too.

  2. my favourite book is horrid henry rocks.
    The story is about when horrid henry wants to go and watch a concert with the killer boy rats in but he isn’t allowed and has to and watch happy hippos with his little brother perfect peter and henry has to sing along to baby songs.
    I like this story because it makes me laugh and is very funny, and henry is very naughty.

  3. my favourite book is ness the nurse it is about a nurse with ten plasters and she gives them to the children who need them. it is special to me because daddy used to read it to me and change the words to make it a silly story with silly voices.

  4. My favourite story is called How To Train Your Dragon.
    I like it because Toothless the dragon becomes a friend with a boy called Hiccup.

    The story is about a boy called Hiccup who doesn’t want to kill dragons. So his father gets angry with him. Hiccup becomes friends with a dragon called Toothless and trains him. They have fun together.

    When Hiccup’s father and other vikings go on dragon hunt to kill all the dragons, Hiccup and Toothless save the day. And Hiccup’s father says sorry to him.

  5. My favourite book is George’s marvellous medicine.
    It is all about a boy called George who tries to make a new medicine to stop his Grandma being horrible, but his medicine doesn’t quite work and other strange things happen. My favourite part is when she gets thinner and thinner, and taller and taller until her head pops through George’s bedroom floor.
    I like this book because it teaches Grandma a lesson and also because George is a nice boy and sweet and kind to Grandma, even though she doesn’t think he is.

  6. My favourite book is Tangled, the story is about a little girl with magical hair who is taken by the evil mother Gothel. I have always liked the Tangled story because it is about a girl with very very long magical hair , and I have always wanted to grow my hair to be just like Rapunzel. I also like it because Rapunzel escapes in the end and lives happily ever after.

  7. Hello Class 1! Well done to everyone who has replied to this post so far; Jack Chester, Archie, Ruby W, Taya, Eden, Jaimie and Neve 🙂 It has been lovely reading about the books you have chosen and why they are important to you. I have been trying to think of my favourite book, but as I enjoy reading so much it has not been very easy, there are so many I could choose! When I was at primary school I used to like reading a lot of the Mr Pinkwhistle and Faraway Tree books because they were always full of magical adventures! Now I am a teacher most of the books I read are to see if I think you would like to hear them, so recently I have also enjoyed books like The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane and The Paperbag Prince. I am looking forward to spending more time discussing the books we all love on World Book Day this week 🙂

  8. I enjoy looking at my Fireman Sam books, i enjoy listening to the tales about the different children that live there and how Fireman Sam rescues everyone.I also like looking at Cameron’s Dr.Who books even though they can be a little scary.

  9. My favourite book is The Gruffallo because it is a really funny story.I like the bit where the gruffallo goes into the forest best. I have also watched the film, it made me giggle and all my family watched it with me, but I knew what was going to happen and I had to try really hard not to give it away.

  10. my favourite book is Tinkerbell it is about fairies the book is good because it has a water fairy,Tinkerbell and a coconut fairy they all go on and an adventure and do magic ! it is special too me because i love fairies and ive had this book since i was little.

  11. Top gear books are my favourite, I love to look at all the cars and read about how fast they go. My favourite car is a Lamborghini.

  12. My Favourite story is sleeping beauty. it is about a baby girl who is called aurora and fauna flora and merryweather and a evil queen called maleficent. It is my favourite book because the prince beats the evil queen and saves princess aurora.

  13. My favourite book is Stick man.
    Stick man lives in a tree with his family. One morning he gets up early and goes for a jog. Everyone he meets thinks he is a play stick, they dont know he is trying to get home to his family tree.
    I like this book because it is funny and he gets back to his family in the end, after he helps santa deliver some presents.

  14. My favorite book is a monster high.
    Because it has a cool story and I can learn some interesting facts about my favorite dolls.

  15. One of my favourite books is Jonny Duddles’ “The Pirates Next Door” – Staring The Jolly Rogers. My favourite character is a girl called Matilda or ‘Tilda’ who is the only child on the perfectly neat street where she lives. The house next door to hers had been empty for years, and Tilda often dreamt that a girl the same age as her would move in so she would have someone to play with.
    Finally, a family did move into the house next door, a jolly pirate family. However, everyone on the street, apart from Tilda, did not like the pirates because they did things different, like digging up the lawn to look for treasure! I like this storey because of the funny characters like the ‘one wooden laggard dog’, and because Tilda was kind.
    I suppose it is kind of special because a friend got it me for my 5th birthday.

  16. My Favourite book is called five minutes of peace from the large family story books.The story is about a family of elephants who’s mum just wants five minutes
    of peace from the children. She even goes to get a bath and one of the children try and get in the bath with her. She tries to go into the kitchen for a cup of tea and all the children are playing, so she doesn’t get her five minutes of peace.

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