Science – All About Us!

For science this term we are learning all about us as human beings, how we are all the same but different and how we grow and become older. As part of this, all the children in Class One were asked to bring in a baby photo that could be copied and used for display – keep watching this space to see if you can guess who each baby grew up to be!

One thought on “Science – All About Us!

  1. Hello class 1
    I have not been to school today because I have got conjunctivitis and a poorly chest. I am really bored and can’t wait to get back to school
    On Saturday I went sledging with my mummy, daddy and Harrison then went home and played with gross magic. On Sunday I went to have a sleep over at my Nanny’s house so that she could look after me whilst mummy and Harrison went to school
    I helped nanny prepare dinner then mummy and Harrison came and we built an igloo in Nanny’s garden.
    I hope I haven’t missed too much at school xx

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