What we thought of our first karate lesson

11 thoughts on “What we thought of our first karate lesson

  1. Thank you for leaving a comment Thomas, I’m very pleased you all enjoyed karate so much! Miss Jackson took some photos of the lesson which I will put on our blog next week 🙂

  2. Connor has been waiting to do karate since Cameron started last year…he says it was great fun and enjoyed showing us his moves x

  3. Ruby was buzzing after her first karate lesson,she couldn’t wait to tell us all about it after school & has been practicing in the garden!!!

  4. Neve came out of school on friday after karate and on our way home she was showing her little sister and mummy and daddy the new moves she has learnt, she is really looking forward to her next class.

  5. Hi Class One and Mrs Mercer,

    Wow! We wish we could do some Karate lessons at school. Sounds like you really enjoyed it. What are some other exciting things you get up to at school?

    We noticed your accents are quite different to ours. We spoke about how we both speak ‘English’ but may sounds a little different to each other. Have you ever met an Australia person or heard their accent on TV?

    Miss May and 2M 🙂

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